Life itself is art. Happens that almost nobody wants to find out. While right now there are changes in my life that i´m trying to be aware, i start to understand one or two things: the less knowledge you aquire, the closer you are to live. The second thing is that, to learn, you need to overcome doubt; the simplier the better. But heck, we love the complicate stuff. Bringing this to art finds me in this creative chaos. Even though i´ve been running thru the mental alleys of creativity since i was 16, one statement i´d like to put on the table is: i believe that if you are able to grasp the same wild, unreal dreams you had when you were a teenager, and you are learning from day to day life without quitting them, then you are a true artist.

Same visions. Same feelings. Same processes.

Sparring with technical subjects in drawing such as anatomy, perspective, volume, etcetera, is just mathemathical. You need to go into the far dephts of your soul and steal the trasures in there, so veryone can see that treasure manifested in your art.

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